Finding Zen

In yoga we often talk about the way in which emotions we’ve repressed or otherwise disconnected with manifest physically in the body.  This can appear in the form of tension or knots in the muscles, or in posture, whether passive, defensive or aggressive.  In more severe cases, emotional pain is rendered in illness, whether moderate, … Continue reading Finding Zen

Digital doldrums

My good friend Megan and I were recently discussing our mutual love of photography when we realized that we’d both bought our first digital cameras last summer.  We also realized that since acquiring this exciting new toy, we’d both photographed at least a few personally significant events, and both have subsequently done absolutely nothing with … Continue reading Digital doldrums

Inaugural Blog

Hello world, indeed! Welcome to the Zen Punk's home. This page is intended as something as a self-indulgent forum, a soapbox for rants and raves, the sharing of ideas and exploration of the stuff of life, from live music to history; to spirituality; to relationships; to what's booting around my brain. There is no agenda … Continue reading Inaugural Blog