I must say how glad I am that WordPress so kindly prompts me daily with a blogging idea or two.  That little nudge really goes a long way!  Today’s question asks, “what’s the most important thing you’re putting off?”  Of course, “why, and what do you need to make it happen” naturally follow.

I’ve been contemplating my chosen career and how ill-suited it is to my temperament and interests.  My reasons for pursing it were honest and legit, but in brief, I got it in my head that you grow up and get a grown-up job.  Unfortunately, the grown-up job isn’t delivering grown-up benefits.  Despite some serious hard work at work, and in the classroom after work, I’m repeatedly feeling that not-so-dull thud of hitting the brick wall.  Something’s gotta give, and it’s not going to be the wall; I sure don’t want it to me me!  The career path must change.

Consequently, I’ve been working full-tilt to network and otherwise gather information and meet people.  Choosing is the hardest part!  For whatever reason, I’m having difficulty narrowing the focus (and the hoped-for result) beyond “communications.”  I’ve known since I was 13 that I’ve wanted to work in communications; I enjoyed volunteering in the industry as a student.  What the heck happened when it came time to getting paid for doing what I love?

Let’s just say it’s easier if you fail at something you don’t care about.

However, I’ve done relatively well at something I don’t love and am not inherently good at.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that it’ll be so much better if my heart’s actually in it?  What I need to determine is whether I can make the jump with the experience I have, or whether I must return to the classroom.  Do I take a temporary job to help with the transition, or stick it out where I’m at until the answer comes?

I’ve been putting off preparing my own marketing collateral: resume, website, portfolio.  That’s the next critical step.  No WordPress reminder on that one!