I do love that WordPress so generously sends reminders, ideas and general nudges to motivate one’s blog-a-day efforts.  Sometimes it seems that nothing is harder than shaking the rust off – whatever the endeavour.  Yet, the only way to do that is to just do it.

This brings me to an observation, true of myself and probably of countless others.  So often, we skirt around our dreams and desires; we can bring ourselves to the very precipice of attainment and then – oops! – fudge it.  Was it really an “oops?”  Are we really too busy, too tired, too stuck in our habits, or are we just scared of getting what we actually want?

Why the fear?  Well, what if what you want is only what you think you want?  You expend all that effort, and usually the goodwill of others, only to get there and change your mind?  Or worse, what if it’s what you actually do want?  Okay, so you got it?  Now what?  What’s the goal, what’s your purpose?  Of course, something new (and likely better) will follow, but it won’t reveal itself until we show we’re ready.

On that note, I’d better start blogging about music!  I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been singing the “rock n’ roll” historian dream.