An open letter to my first-ever yoga students

Today I taught my first yoga class.  Okay, that's not entirely true; a couple of weeks back I taught a class to some fellow backpackers during sunset in Raglan, New Zealand.  The exact location was called Inspiration Point, and frankly, the view from there, overlooking the Tasman Sea, was so gorgeous that I could have … Continue reading An open letter to my first-ever yoga students

Fake it until you become it

I confessed to a friend the other day that, as a newly-minted yoga teacher, I felt somewhat as a fraud.  Intellectually I knew this was nonsense; I've completed certified training program and had practiced for over 10 years prior.  That's not peanuts.  However, I hadn't yet embodied my teaching, and I'd been grappling with that … Continue reading Fake it until you become it

The Edinburgh Soundtrack

The other evening I had a friend over, who insisted that I choose the music that accompanied our visit.  I scrolled through my files, currently having access to music only through my laptop,  and instinctively chose Kula Shaker, which I haven't listened to in some time.  In fact, I actually have to look up the … Continue reading The Edinburgh Soundtrack

Happy Easter! Христoс Вoскрес!

Further to the Ukrainian-language "Christ has Risen" in the title, my mom sent me this gorgeous Easter greeting today: It reminds me of a piece of art than used to hang in my room while I was growing up, and I wonder if that wasn't also the art of Yaroslava Surmach Mills.  I'll have to … Continue reading Happy Easter! Христoс Вoскрес!

The Rolling Stones’ first record is 50…

Anyone who knows a moderate bit about me has likely encountered my tremendous love of the Rolling Stones.  It wasn't always that way.  I actually grew up on the Beatles, joyously singing Lennon-McCartney tunes in harmony with my little brother, day after day (<-- see that Easter egg?).  Dad had a couple of Stones albums … Continue reading The Rolling Stones’ first record is 50…

Walls (Circus) – Tom Petty

It's not very often that I have the pleasure of introducing an aficionado of a given artist to a song in that artist's repertoire that somehow got "missed." I'm a fan of Tom Petty's and I respect the man's canon, but I absolutely LOVE the song "Walls (Circus)." Seemingly no one in my life knows … Continue reading Walls (Circus) – Tom Petty

You are what you (think) you eat

NPR recently published an article that posed the idea that labels on food packaging may have a sort of placebo effect.  It's an interesting theory.  Of course, the science of "calories in/calories burned" remains, but that the idea that the suggested calorie count, or the (perceived) impact on the body of certain food properties, may … Continue reading You are what you (think) you eat