Further to the Ukrainian-language “Christ has Risen” in the title, my mom sent me this gorgeous Easter greeting today:

Ukrainian Easter greeting card

It reminds me of a piece of art than used to hang in my room while I was growing up, and I wonder if that wasn’t also the art of Yaroslava Surmach Mills.  I’ll have to check the next time I’m in my old digs.

Anyway, just a roundup of Easter tidbits for today:  Mental Floss theorizes about why we dye eggs for Easter; in a very scientific study the NPR office dekes it out over which bird egg makes for the superior breakfast while revealing how much worse we are at blind taste testing than we imagine (aside: how have I only tried chicken?  But, mmm, do I love them); and in no surprise whatsoever, Pope Francis continues to be an awesome leader and human being.  Apparently, prior to this occasion, it was only for priests to have their feet washed on Easter; now Francis has broken tradition and washed the feet of the elderly and disabled.  This Pontiff is a rebel to some, but to my mind he’s just getting back to source.  Regardless if you’re Catholic or Christian or any other faith or none at all, this is someone who’s lately set a few stunning examples that challenge us all to be better people.

This is Easter: the time of new beginnings.  The suffering symbolized by Lent of spending 40 days in the desert (that’s that bit that Mardi Gras actually kicks off, in case you thought it was just a big awesome party with flashing and beads) has ended, and we start afresh.  What ideas, beliefs, habits, or other things can you cast off so you can go forward more lightly, more freely, more lovingly?  Indeed He is Risen.  Вoiстину Вoскрес!