It’s been a while, dear readers, since we last met. Much has happened, probably for us both.

Let’s reboot, shall we?

This blog has a sleek new look, and a committed new enthusiasm for exploring music. We’ve done a lot of moving this last while, literally, from New Zealand to the United Kingdom, and by all accounts it looks like we’ll be city- (or town-) hopping for a while. I’m excited to explore the local scenes that we encounter, and to share with you a bit about where they’ve been, where they’re at today, and with any luck, where they’re going.

As much as I love traveling and being abroad, I also love my homeland. This list of 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever according to a few folks publishing at the Huffington Post crossed my path a little while ago, resulting in that “aha!” moment where you know what your job is. 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever is a fairly superlative title, and ought to make it a definitive list. Yet, to no one’s surprise, I have an opinion on this. I have many, and strong, opinions on this at times, and yes, I’m here to share them with you. I think they come from a place that is reasonably learned and definitely passionate on the subject. I hope you’ll see that as the start of a discussion, and I invite you to join via the comments.

To be sure, all of the included artists are impressive and deserving of a musical shout-out.  Yet I sense that this list was compiled by young-ish urbanites with a sometimes-myopic grasp of Canada’s great musical legacies outside the very obvious and the very current. A lot of key contributions over region and time and genre have been been overlooked.

Never mind. I think this list serves as a fun jumping-off point to explore some of Canada’s great (and largely unrecognized) talent, while opening the door to exploring some of the said overlooked as well.  I’ll blog through the list, entry-by-entry, to give the songs some history and cultural context. Then I’ll let you know about some legendary Canadians whom are inexplicably missing from the list. We might explore song origins, artist history, or whatever strikes my fancy about it.  At the same time, I’ll provide you with posts that shine a light on the scene local to my local, wherever that may be.

I’ve blogged about yoga in the past, and this may come into the fray again. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy the tunes and the posts, and look forward to your thoughts and feedback on either!