Teresa Stolarskyj

Reflections on culture and society


What makes people thrive?

Everyone has something that switches them on, that makes them feel they are flourishing rather than merely existing. As much as this question is individual, it has social implications as well. Our community structures, governance, business models, ability to self-express, and harmony with nature each impact the ability to realize personal potential.

Finding Eudaimonia is a blog that explores these questions through history, literature, philosophy, art, and other texts.

I’m Teresa Stolarskyj, and I am passionate about empowering and inspiring others through knowledge and self-enquiry. I believe in education and culture as powerful keys to personal and social change that allows humans – and nature – to thrive.

Currently based in Vancouver, Canada, I’m pursing an MA in Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University. I have a BA Honours in English and History, paired with extensive experience across sectors, industries and countries. I draw on all of this knowledge to imagine healthier ways to organize and be ourselves in the world.

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