Common Cloud Phrases: An Introduction to Cloud Language

Original Publish Date 09/30/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Getting your mind around cloud language can seem complex. The terms and acronyms which pepper IT-speak can make cloud phrases seem out of reach. At BlueSilverShift, we believe that semantics shouldn’t be a hurdle. To help you navigate the language of the cloud, we will take you through... Continue Reading →

Teams: Making Meetings Effective, and (Almost) Fun

Original Publish Date 08/06/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Microsoft says: Meeting needs are changing. Employees are more mobile, increasing remote collaboration. 72% of employees will be working remotely by 202056% of meetings have at least one remote attendee1/3 of meetings are 100% virtual in nature56% of meetings have at least a remote attendee38% of remote attendees... Continue Reading →

Data Migration: How to Successfully Move Data to Modern Systems

Original Publish Date 07/24/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj From Microsoft  A recent Accenture survey of IT executives showed that 58 percent of respondents experienced two to three major IT outages over the past decade. Cloud migration can help prevent outages, increase security protections, and cut costs.   The BlueSilverShift perspective  A successful move starts with thorough data migration planning. Scope, existing infrastructure and data, and the architecture of the data in a... Continue Reading →

An Azure Migration Story: Modernizing Legacy Systems

Original Publish Date 07/09/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj In a world where technological advances are being made at a seemingly ever-faster rate, it can feel daunting to keep up. The pressure to upgrade computer systems and software can seem like a costly, frustrating, even futile task. It can be tempting to stake a claim in a... Continue Reading →

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