3 Things We Predict will drive Digital Business Transformation in 2020

Original Publish Date 01/30/2020 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Digital transformation. It’s one of those buzzy catch phrases that that tries to say a lot but to some can end up meaning very little. The Enterprisers Project describes it as the “integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver... Continue Reading →

What is Mixed Reality and what does it mean for enterprise?

Original Publish Date 01/22/2020 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Microsoft says AI will change the way businesses operate, but could it also change the way we see as well? Check out this article, which explores how the powerful combination of AI and mixed reality could transform the way we work by putting the information we need directly... Continue Reading →

AI: Why creativity is the future of work

Original Publish Date 11/22/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Microsoft says: AI can and will replace rote work and repetitive tasks in business and aspects of everyday life. It can also help to unlock human potential. Creativity is becoming more attainable–and more valuable–than ever before and your business can realize that value easier with a simple to... Continue Reading →

Making Sense of the Cloud: Yet More Common Cloud Terms

Original Publish Date 11/08/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Navigating the cloud can be tricky. The digital industry loves abbreviations and acronyms and other jargon. Fear not, though, because we are here to help you navigate. Cloud learning is an ongoing thing, so be sure to catch up on our series so far with our introductory primer... Continue Reading →

Making Sense of the Cloud: More Common Cloud Terms

Original Publish Date 10/30/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Cloud terminology can be a perplexing thing for the uninitiated. Yet the cloud is increasingly pervasive. Eventually, unless you are a dinosaur, you will engage with the cloud, if not be tasked with making business decisions about it. As a result, it is ever more important to understand... Continue Reading →

Password Security: How to Stay Safe in the Cloud

Original Publish Date 10/04/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Microsoft says: With the increased use of cloud services and mobile devices comes an increase in the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks. Ransomware, phishing attacks, malware and other threats are becoming more frequent and widespread — making it more important than ever for organizations to understand their exposure... Continue Reading →

Common Cloud Phrases: An Introduction to Cloud Language

Original Publish Date 09/30/2019 By //  by Teresa Stolarskyj Getting your mind around cloud language can seem complex. The terms and acronyms which pepper IT-speak can make cloud phrases seem out of reach. At BlueSilverShift, we believe that semantics shouldn’t be a hurdle. To help you navigate the language of the cloud, we will take you through... Continue Reading →

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