An open letter to my first-ever yoga students

Today I taught my first yoga class.  Okay, that's not entirely true; a couple of weeks back I taught a class to some fellow backpackers during sunset in Raglan, New Zealand.  The exact location was called Inspiration Point, and frankly, the view from there, overlooking the Tasman Sea, was so gorgeous that I could have … Continue reading An open letter to my first-ever yoga students

Fake it until you become it

I confessed to a friend the other day that, as a newly-minted yoga teacher, I felt somewhat as a fraud.  Intellectually I knew this was nonsense; I've completed certified training program and had practiced for over 10 years prior.  That's not peanuts.  However, I hadn't yet embodied my teaching, and I'd been grappling with that … Continue reading Fake it until you become it

You are what you (think) you eat

NPR recently published an article that posed the idea that labels on food packaging may have a sort of placebo effect.  It's an interesting theory.  Of course, the science of "calories in/calories burned" remains, but that the idea that the suggested calorie count, or the (perceived) impact on the body of certain food properties, may … Continue reading You are what you (think) you eat

New horizions, new career pursuits…

I must say how glad I am that WordPress so kindly prompts me daily with a blogging idea or two.  That little nudge really goes a long way!  Today's question asks, "what's the most important thing you're putting off?"  Of course, "why, and what do you need to make it happen" naturally follow. I've been … Continue reading New horizions, new career pursuits…